ElectroFleet: Innovative energy solutions for SMEs

ElectroFleet: Innovative energy solutions for SMEs

Osnabrück energy supplier drives energy transition in the SME sector: solar energy,

Battery storage and network upgrade without capital capital investment

ElectroFleet focuses on offering medium-sized companies a long-term, predictable energy supply. Customers benefit from contractually fixed prices per kWh of energy consumed over contract periods of at least 10 years. This creates planning security with regard to energy costs.

Osnabrück, November 07, 2023 – ElectroFleet, a cleantech energy supplier, now offers innovative solutions for the energy transition in SMEs. For companies that have an increased need due to the growing share of electric cars and the electrification of heating systems, ElectroFleet provides the capital, equipment and knowledge to upgrade their infrastructure.

Building Grid 2.0: Rethinking electricity supply for a sustainable future
Mark Hellmann Regouby, founder and CEO of ElectroFleet, explains: “Our mission at ElectroFleet is to use our virtual power plant to create a strong community of German companies working together to drive forward the energy transition. We offer sustainable energy solutions that enable companies to generate electricity from renewable sources – without having to invest their own capital.”

About ElectroFleet
ElectroFleet is an energy supplier with self-produced, renewable energy for small and medium-sized businesses. Together with our customers, we are creating a strong community of German companies that are working together to implement the energy transition towards a CO2-free energy supply. Our virtual power plant (consisting of solar plants, wind turbines and battery storage systems), the “ElectroFleet”, ensures planning security thanks to fixed prices and long-term contracts as well as an optimal energy supply based on an innovative energy management system.

The company was founded in 2021 by Mark Hellmann Regouby and currently employs 10 people. ElectroFleet has secured long-term financing from the entrepreneur himself and a well-known family office.

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E-mail: presse@electrofleet.com

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