Clean energy. 20 years fixed price. No capital costs.

Rethinking sustainability: Innovative energy solutions without capital investment


Decarbonization of the SME sector

Immerse yourself in the world of sustainable energy solutions from ElectroFleet and find out how we are shaping the future of energy supply for SMEs - without capital investment.

100% planning security

Contractually fixed prices per kWh for a period of 10-20 years provide you with a reliable basis for calculating your energy costs.

Renewable energy - 365 days a year

Whether summer or winter, day or night, we guarantee you a power supply from 100% renewable energies 365 days a year

ElectroFleet expands strategic expertise with Advisory Board

Osnabrück, 04.12.23 –ElectroFleet, a cleantech company and provider of renewable energies, announces the appointment of an interdisciplinary advisory board consisting of experienced experts from the business and energy sectors. This board will advise and support the company on strategic issues with immediate effect. DDr. Karl

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ElectroFleet: Innovative energy solutions for SMEs

Osnabrück energy supplier drives energy transition in the SME sector: solar energy, Battery storage and network upgrade without capital capital investment ElectroFleet focuses on offering medium-sized companies a long-term, predictable energy supply. Customers benefit from contractually fixed prices per kWh of energy consumed over contract

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About ElectroFleet

Discover ElectroFleet – your partner for sustainable energy supply. Our company relies on innovative technologies to use renewable energies efficiently and thus drive forward the energy transition. With our virtual fleet of solar and wind power plants, we are creating a CO2-free energy future together.

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The Sigma symbol in our logo

The Sigma symbol in our logo represents our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. It stands for efficiency, precision and the consistent implementation of sustainable energy solutions. Exactly what ElectroFleet is all about.

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