Building Grid 2.0

Clean energy. 20 years fixed price.
No capital investment.

About us

At ElectroFleet, we are shaping a sustainable future with innovative energy solutions that enable our customers to obtain self-generated electricity from renewable energies – without any capital investment of their own.

Our aim is to offer our customers long-term price stability for their energy supply and at the same time promote the transition to a CO2-free energy source.

With fixed prices per kWh consumed over a contract period of at least 10 years, we create planning security for our customers. We guarantee a reliable energy supply around the clock, all year round, 365 days a year.

The ElectroFleet Group acts as a project developer and general contractor and develops turnkey, customized photovoltaic systems, battery storage systems and medium-voltage transformers for medium-sized customers. Whether on the roofs of halls on site or as ground-mounted systems, the systems remain the property of the ElectroFleet Group.

As a pioneer in the field of renewable energies, we combine our systems with state-of-the-art storage technology and comprehensive energy management to create a virtual power plant. In this way, we offer an end-to-end energy solution from a single source.

We operate our virtual power plant, ElectroFleet, under the motto “One for all – all for one”. This networks our customers into a unique community that produces, stores, distributes and uses renewable energy. We make surplus energy available both to our customers and to the energy markets.

The company was founded in 2021 by Mark Hellmann Regouby and can count on long-term financing from our founder and a renowned family office.

Management & Team

Jan Schulze Buschhoff

Senior Account Manager & Consultant

Jürgen Brink

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mark Hellmann Regouby

Founder / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Stefan Schmitz

Electrical Engineer Manager

Niklas Schwichtenberg

Chief of Staff (COS)

Karin van Soest

Head of Communications & PR

Gerrit Uffmann

Head of Engineering

Tessa Wietheuper

Project assistant/working student

Advisory Board

DDr. Karl Gollegger

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Jürgen Mayerhofer

Dr. Felix Osterheider



Our vision: to achieve zero emissions for German SMEs.
We are a young and innovative company looking for people who are passionate about implementing the energy transition for German SMEs.
We look forward to receiving your unsolicited application at