ElectroFleet and Energiekoppler agree on strategic partnership to build a virtual power plant

ElectroFleet and Energiekoppler agree on strategic partnership to build a virtual power plant

ElectroFleet builds and operates virtual power plant based on Energiekoppler software.

Osnabrück, 14.12.2023 – ElectroFleet, a leading cleantech company for renewable energies, and Energiekoppler, an innovative software company for energy management solutions, have signed a strategic partnership for the provision, further development and operation of an ElectroFleet virtual power plant.

This framework agreement marks the start of a strong strategic partnership between ElectroFleet and Energiekoppler. It covers the joint development, implementation and continuous further development of the virtual power plant, which enables the integration and control of decentralized energy systems such as battery storage, photovoltaic systems and other renewable energy sources via Energiekoppler’s Flexibility Plant software. The virtual power plant will form the core of ElectroFleet’s services for the decarbonization of German SMEs.

Mark Hellmann Regouby, founder and CEO of ElectroFleet, expressed his excitement about the signing of the framework agreement: “This strategic partnership with Energiekoppler marks a milestone in our journey to establish breakthrough technologies for renewable energy and virtual power plants. Energiekoppler’s software solutions will form the basis for our Germany-wide virtual power plant infrastructure, which will enable our customers in the SME sector to decarbonize their energy supply with a long-term fixed price.”

Jens Werner, founder and managing director of Energiekoppler, is delighted about the collaboration: “We are very pleased about the partnership with ElectroFleet. Our aim is to jointly drive forward the energy transition with our technological expertise and the provision of the flexibility plant. The framework agreement with ElectroFleet enables us to further develop our innovative virtual power plant and deploy it on a broader scale.”

The collaboration between ElectroFleet and Energiekoppler represents a significant step towards jointly developing and driving forward pioneering solutions in the energy sector. Both companies are determined to support the energy transition with innovative technologies and services.

About ElectroFleet

ElectroFleet is an energy supplier with self-produced, renewable energy for small and medium-sized businesses. Together with our customers, we form a strong community of German companies that are jointly implementing the energy transition towards a CO2-free energy supply. Our virtual power plant (consisting of solar plants, wind turbines and battery storage systems), the “ElectroFleet”, ensures planning security through fixed prices and long-term contracts as well as an optimal energy supply based on an innovative energy management system.

The company was founded in Osnabrück in 2021 by Mark Hellmann Regouby. ElectroFleet benefits from long-term financing secured by the entrepreneur himself and a well-known family office and is currently starting to realize its first customer projects throughout Germany.

Press contact ElectroFleet GmbH

Karin van Soest

Head of Communications & PR

Mobile: 0172-2524 845

E-mail: presse@electrofleet.com

About DieEnergiekoppler GmbH

DieEnergiekoppler GmbH is a software-as-a-service company that offers an innovative technology for the optimal control of decentralized energy systems in conjunction with renewable energy systems. The company is a spin-off from two renowned institutes at Dresden University of Technology, the Institute for Electrical Power Supply and High Voltage Technology and the Institute for Building Energy Technology.

Energiekoppler GmbH is particularly concerned with the challenges of conventional networking technologies, especially virtual power plants, and focuses on increasing the economic efficiency of the integration of smaller energy systems.

Its innovative technology, the “Flexibility Plant”, opens up new perspectives for virtual power plants by enabling the economical and application-oriented integration of fuel cells, heat pumps, photovoltaic systems and storage technologies for the first time. This ensures a balanced, secure supply of electricity and heat in independent regional energy communities, including consideration of the area of electromobility.

The highly automated and technology-open flexibility plants offer energy suppliers, municipal utilities, energy communities, marketers and plant operators the opportunity not only to monitor plants, but also to actively control them in a fully automated manner for regional energy balancing or exchange price-optimized for additional revenue potential in energy trading with unlimited plant size.

The team started in 2018 with the BMWi’s EXIST research transfer funding and was placed as one of nine start-ups in the SpinLab Accelerator program in autumn 2019. In November 2021, Energiekoppler closed its first round of financing from LEAG and Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (TGFS). In November 2023, the company successfully closed a Series A financing round with the participation of LEAG, TGFS and ElectroFleet.

Further information can be found at www.dieenergiekoppler.com.

Press contact DieEnergiekoppler GmbH

Irina Weis

CEO, Co-Founder

Mobile: +49 151 62674892

E-mail: irina.weis@energiekoppler.com

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